EWMC San Diego

Electrical Workers Minority Caucus

San Diego & imperial County Chapter

Hello World We are Change!

Standing on the shoulders of all who came before Us, We reach down to Lift You Up so that You can be above Us! Reach down and Lift another of Us! Lift Us Help Us!

Never turn Back!

Backwards is not an option! Always moving Forward advancing our goals!

With Honor and Respect!

Our roots run deep into our communities. We are what they have made us. With honor and respect we give back what was given to us!

We are here by the grace of God!

We stand before you as gifts from our maker. We honor our communities by holding true to our commitments. We are here by the grace of God!

We are the future!

We have earned our position and have done our best to respect those who earned theirs! We give respect in order to gain respect. Respect is earned everyday, never taken for granted! Stand proud! Holding the line!

Never giving up!

Look to the right! Look to the left! Never look behind. Behind is all who came before us! We have gained so much, we can not stop moving forward! The ones who came before us push us to the position we are in today! Always moving forward!