EWMC San Diego

Electrical Workers Minority Caucus

San Diego & imperial County Chapter


Kevin Alvin President

Kevin Alvin was the Assistant Business Manager for IBEW Local 569 and past Recording Secretary of the Electrical Minority Caucus San Diego & Imperial Counties. Kevin has been a Journeyman wireman for over 28 years and is a California Certified Electrician. Kevin is an advocate for all workers rights and those of all IBEW members.

Della Cole Vice President

Delphie (Della) Cole started her career in 1983 as an Integration field and bench technician which evolved to her current position as a Project Engineer/Project Manager. For the past 6 years she has also been actively involved in the evenings as an Instructor teaching a low voltage apprentice class, journeyman classes along with the Position as one of the certified CPR instructors that supply training and certification to all San Diego IBEW569 electricians. She has been a participating board member of the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus for the past year.

Nephi Hancock

Nephi Hancock has been in the IBEW over 40 years. Retired from the tools not the Union, July 2011. Nephi graduated the IBEW Local 569 apprenticeship in 1981. Nephi has sat on the IBEW Local 569 executive board over 15 years. Nephi currently serves as the Vice President of IBEW LU569.

Cristina Marquez Recording Secretary

Cristina Marquez is a Journeyman Sound Technician achieving this through the apprenticeship program at Electrical Training Institute. Born and raised in San Diego County, she has been an active member of EWMC since her early apprenticeship years. Shortly after graduating the apprenticeship, she was hired as the Outreach Coordinator at ETI where she worked for almost 3 years. She is now on staff at IBEW Local 569 as the Environmental Organizer. She looks forward to continuing to live in her beloved state of California, supporting her union, and advocating for working families in the years to come.

Ken Collier

Board member of the EWMC San Diego & Imperial Counties for over 4 year, Ken has served as the Lead Instructor at the San Diego Electrical Training Center for over 20 years.

Kevin Gorman Founding Member

Kevin Gorman is a founding member of the Electrical Minority Caucus San Diego & Imperial Counties. Served as Vice-president of IBEW local 569. Kevin has been a Journeyman wireman for over 25 years. Kevin is a California Certified Electrician and a proud advocate for our members. Kevin is a founding member of the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus San Diego & Imperial Counties, and is currently working on the Google Plant as a General Foreman.

Richard Cuevas

Richard is Journeyman Wireman who proudly graduated the Inside Wireman program at ETI San Diego, Richard started his involvement with the EWMC in 2014. since then, Richard has been a member of the 569 legislative committee for over 5 years, a board member at the Otay Mesa-Nestor planning committee where he represents our local and assists with securing work for our brothers and sisters within that area. Richard is also one of the founding members of Alianza, the Mexican American/Latino club within the EWMC. Richard Acknowledged the need for a true representative presence in that demographic and has worked tirelessly to provide guidance in facilitating those needs to the underrepresented members of local 569.

Alex Pucci

Alex Pucci is a Journeyman Wireman with IBEW local 569. Alex is also the past President of the EWMC San Diego & Imperial Counties.

Local Chapter Presidents

Marcel McMillan President EWMC Local Chapter

Marcel has been a member of IBEW local 569 for over 4 years. Marcel is currently enrolled in the ETI Apprenticeship program moving actively toward Journeyman Wireman status.

Valentin Gonzalez President Alianza Local Chapter

Valentin is a member of IBEW local 569.